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The game of Dixonary has been around for nearly 30 years. Since it is a game of exchanged messages, among upwards of 15 players, that adds up to a lot of emails.

This archive of the game is something that few players will ever want to consult. It is here primarily to back up the claim on Wikipedia that Dixonary is the longest-running online game in the world.

Dixonary began before there was a World Wide Web, and it has seen online services, web forums and message protocols—and the software that went with them—come and go. To consult the entire history of the game you need to deal with several websites and negotiate several data formats.
  • Rounds 1-25 are available only in summary form. This file talks about Fictionary, not Dixonary: the players changed the name later because of (groundless) fears of IP infringement.
Proper records began in Round 49. Rounds 49 to 979 are available here courtesy of the late Russ Heimerson (1945–2010), founder player and longtime scorekeeper. These files began life as raw ascii CompuServe message streams, but are presented here as xml to make them accessible to modern tools. They are verbatim records, but were redacted at the time to omit messages not strictly related to the gameplay. Each zipfile also contains two stylesheets. Unzip all three files and Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11 (but not Chrome) will render the xml in a rough approximation of how the messages would have appeared in an offline reader like Tapcis.
Rounds 980-1569 are presented below, courtesy of Scott Crom, in the same format as rounds 49-979: the original raw ascii CompuServe message streams have been translated into xml, with two accompanying stylesheets to render the xml as the messages might have appeared at the time.
  • The results announcements for rounds 1561-1612 were downloaded from CompuServe WebView as insurance against the Tapcis forum closing without warning, and were available as HTML files from the Coryphæus Yahoo! Group. Yahoo has now closed these archives and downloads promised in January 2020 are still awaited.

  • Messages for rounds 1613-1803 are available verbatim in the Coryphæus Yahoo! Group message archive. Yahoo has now closed these archives and downloads promised in January 2020 are still awaited.

  • Messages for rounds 1804 onwards are available verbatim in the Dixonary Google Group message archive